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TRL - Technology Readiness Level

  1. Is there a minimum TRL to enter the contest?
  2. What is the expected final TRL? It says TRL 8 but in evaluation form some of the subcriteria refer to TRL6-TRL8. Could you please clarify?

Dear Applicant,

At the end of the Acceleration program, projects should achieve at least TRL 8.

It is true that there isn't a minimum TRL as a requirement, but according to the evaluation criteria, the proposal will be scored according to the capacity/viability of the applicant to move from TRL6 to TRL8, so we suggest applicants to be almost on TRL6. Considering that the activities to be performed during the program are a) prototype development and b) test beds with Corporates,  if the project is under TRL 6, it will be difficult to achieve previous results.