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Activities that qualify for support

Can you specify which are the activities that qualify to receive financial support?

Advice to complete the work plan and cost structure would be also appreciated.


Dear applicant,

The program provides finantial support to participate in all the activities planned in the EPICENTRE Acceleration Program and the EPICENTRE Academy, the delivery of the prototype, the implementation of the testbeds and the preparation of the deliverables. The specific elegible costs are listed on page 24 of the call document

A project to be eligible for funding must propose a solution to the challenges defined in the call for proposals. Please check the Evaluation Criteria on page 26 of the call document

Regarding the work plan, you should explain the activities you need to implement to deliver the solution to the market. Within the acceleration program, participant need yo deliver a prototype and perform a testbed. For instance, perhaps you need to perform some studies, or select the most feasible components/material for your prototype, or carry out several tests at lab scale, or subcontract a technical assessment.  These activities incurred in several costs (personnel, travels, equipment...) that you need to estimate.

Thank you for your interest,

Epicentre Team